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Not Famous Compares His Dreams to His Reality With “Famous”

There’s something about the finer things in life that makes anyone wish they had the bank account to support that kind of lifestyle. Indie electronic artist Not Famous shamelessly lays it all out on his latest bop “Famous.”

The tune carries a dope bounce while flexing clever lyrics and an enticing flow. The production accents the dreamy allure around the song through the acoustic guitar and xylophone, but also gives the song proper pops of flavor with that kick drum rhythm and cool incorporations of ridiculous samples. Packed full of memorable lyrics like “broke my heart like a Kit-Kat cause she wants clout not that chit-chat,” “I only got cash for the cover and a whiskey sour,” and “sponsorships and my face on flyers, turn 40 then retire,” Not Famous busted out a slew of lines any person trying to make it in entertainment can relate to.

Not Famous is the indie artist project of Matt Ferree. Usually singing about anxiety and breakups, you can help but get sucked in by the flavors of electronic, pop, and hip hop throughout his catalogue. With a killer edge and a lovable vibe, Not Famous is an artist worth bumping with your friends.

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