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The new single by Interstate Island

"All Of Our Lives" by Interstate Island

Eddie Andrews, the Long island based frontman of Interstate Island has once again released another piece of sonic treasure. This time, "All Of Our Lives" navigates the ways in which we fall out of touch with loved ones, and the mere hope that we will reunite one day. "All Of Our Lives" contains a fruitful melody that entangles the listener in a cornucopia of emotion- invoking feelings of hope, sadness, and gratefulness.

Opening with a luxurious texture filled with acoustic guitars, swirling strings, and the laser sharp vocals of Andrews, we get a track fully formed and oozing with emotion. Creating what can only be described as a classic rock slow burner, "All Of Our Lives" emanates a feeling of catharsis amongst those consuming its aural pleasures. Ultimately, the track creates a beautiful everlasting message which explores the hopes of an alternative existence where we never have to say goodbye to loved ones.

More about the band:

Interstate Island is the studio project primarily inspired by Electric Light Orchestra’s classic albums of the mid-1970s. Eddie Andrews, the contrivance of the project, is a singer-songwriter who was introduced to those albums by his older brother roughly a decade after they were initially released. As a boy and into his adulthood, Eddie Andrews remained inspired by the unique marriage of pop/rock and classical string arrangements Electric Light Orchestra so intricately displayed.

Take a listen to the track today on your choice of streaming service!

You can watch the video here.

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