• Nicholas Zallo

NVSTY MILITIA Team Up with HFNR for ‘Superpower’

There is so much heat coming out of Australia.  The newest artists on my radar from the other side of the world are NVSTY MILITIA.  The buzzing Hip Hop/R&B duo is comprised of Anesu Matanhire and Taffy Dzimano, both of whom immigrated from Zimbabwe in 2005 and 1999 respectively.

Initially, the idea of NVSTY MILITIA came to be over lunch in Chinatown.  Motivated by the meeting, the duo got to work and soon after released their debut single, “Lit”.  Their first tune went on to land on Triple J Unearthed where they hit the charts and remained in the ‘Artist Spotlight’ playlists for weeks. “Lit”, was also featured on Ryan Reynolds interview for, “Deadpool” and picked up by ABC’s Television show, “Deadlock”.

Their latest jam, “Superpower“, produced by another RockDafuqOut fav, HFNR, is an absolute vibe.  While light percussive melodies chime along, huge 808’s add some pump and hypnotizing, atmospheric sounds fill the rest of the audible space.  Front and center sits NVSTY MILITIA, crooning over the minimal and seductive groove.  While the beat knocks, the boys bring the feels with charming top-lines cloaked in reverb and delay.

With a promise of more music on the way, NVSTY MILITIA are setting up to have an impressive 2019.  Make sure you are keeping tabs.

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