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NYC alt country-rock favorites Divining Rod brush off bad vibes with "GOAT"

Alt-country New York favorites Divining Rod are hyped to drop “GOAT”, the latest single from their upcoming Santa Monica & Other Golden Classics album, due for release on May 19th.

"GOAT" by Divining Rod is an enthralling new single featuring timeless instrumentals from the New York based country rockers. Smooth guitar lines weave throughout the track's vocals to maintain a steady groove.

When discussing their latest single "GOAT", band frontperson Miyuki Furtado writes:

"I'm sometimes asked if my songs are fiction or based on something that actually happened to me in real life. My songs are often based on experiences I've had or on stories I've heard from friends and acquaintances. It is not uncommon for the subject matter to be a combination of several people. There are times, however, when I'll write about a specific person; like this one. A pretty terrible person is being portrayed in this story: selfish, dishonest, and cruel at times. GOAT is an appropriate title for the song. Despite this, I wonder if I am subconsciously writing about my negative qualities, given that I was raised Buddhist. In Buddhism, people are a reflection of the individual, so it could be my own embarrassment about my own negativity. The question is still fresh in my mind, I guess - Yeesh! ”

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