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NYC Based Oshri Hits with ‘Too Much’

Oshri has been turning heads for a while now.  The Israeli/South African artists career first took off when he won the first ever South African TRACE Music Stars competition in 2014.  The show was mentored by Wyclef Jean and broadcasted on Trace Urban, the second largest music video television network in the world. After living in South Africa for five years, Oshri moved to New York City to continue his endeavors with Wyclef and pursue his efforts in gaining recognition in the music world.

It wasn’t long after all of this that Oshri was approached by Akon and signed to his label.  With his new home situated and big time support behind him, he got to work on new music, leading us to where we are today.

His new single, “Too Much”, is an R&B infused Pop tune with a moody undertone and danceable groove.  Beyond the slick lyrics, the vocal melodies grab on and never lost hold.  With a sensitive, rhythmic and precise delivery Oshri shows off his range while also displaying a great understanding of the music he is creating.

The dynamic release is both emotional and sexy, while also having strong hooks that get drilled into your head and will have you testing our your falsetto abilities in an attempt to sing along.  If you sing anything like me, just kick back, enjoy the track and let Oshri handle the singing.

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