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NYC Newbie Parker Drops Upbeat New Single "Loose Teeth"

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, NYC transplant Parker is seemingly more than ready to make some major waves in the city that never sleeps. A lifelong musician with an undying love for songwriting and performing, Parker has been studying music for most of her life, first at Denver School of the Arts and now at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. While she really may just be getting things rolling as a solo artist, it isn’t hard to hear that there is a clear passion for and understanding of the music she is creating.

Since releasing her debut album, “Daisy," in 2019, Parker has continued to hone her sound and develop her skills as a songwriter and musician, slowly but surely finder her place in the music biz. Most recently, she has released her new single, “Loose Teeth,” an upbeat and energetic Indie Pop tune that feels like the perfect introduction to her sound. With clean and dynamic production setting the tone, Parker delivers a powerful performance while the lyrics touch on the common chaos and undeniably shallow nature of the 21st century dating scene.

Relatable and nicely executed, this is a tune that can get you moving without having to pay much attention, but it can also get you thinking if you decide to really tune in. While she may be new to NYC, I have no doubt that Parker will be landing on some of the best local stages sometime very soon. While this may be the first song I’ve heard from Parker, she certainly has me patiently waiting for more. Check her out!

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