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NYC Rapper Dylan Owen Releases Official Music Video For “We Were Only Kids Then”

It’s hard not to love NYC-rapper Dylan Owen’s relatable storytelling. In his newest song “We Were Only Kids Then” Dylan sends listeners a meaningful reminder that living in the present moment is the best way to embrace our constant state of evolution. Beautifully arranged using nostalgic flutes and soft drum patterns, the song is an easy vibe that recreates the feeling of home. In the video, Dylan highlights his lyrics by writing them in real time on screen – not only a nice touch but a great move for someone who’s listeners remember all the words. Dylan’s upbeat demeanor is bound to lift spirits as he moves from room to room at what looks like the back of an industrial building in hipster New York. The aesthetic feels familiar but not too comfortable.

Similar to the introspective styles of Atmosphere and Mac Miller, Dylan speaks to a curious listener by pulling out truths that everyone can relate to. “We Were Only Kids Then” stays true to his inquisitive spirit with an understanding that things can change in an instant – the impact of life’s fragility does not go unnoticed. Something about Dylan’s presence feels both nostalgic and new. It’s like he brings a glimpse of the past to the present, but doesn’t let it stay for too long. Clearly no stranger to the camera, Dylan keeps the video moving with lighthearted touches like tiger masks and…did I see a Wario mask in there? Okay now I want to be a kid again.

With his own brand of confessional, heart-on-sleeve storytelling, Dylan has built an undeniable fan following who relate to the meaning and life experiences captured in his songs. His recent listening party at Black Cat LES in NYC attracted an incredible crowd of dedicated supporters where Dylan made himself available to each and every fan who attended. Keeping a book of Polaroids and signatures of fans from every city he performs brings that hint of nostalgia to each show – like a yearbook full of best friends for him to look back at each page and say “We Were Only Kids Then”.

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