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Oakland Rock Band ‘Copyslut’ Releases Their Debut Album “Sex, Death & Other Pe

The most influential queer rock band coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area right now just released their highly anticipated debut album entitled “Sex, Death & Other People’s Money”. With a name impossible to miss, this hard-hitting project is buzzing in and outside of the Bay Area music scene. Copyslut is kicking off the decade after a long run of sold out shows and high-tier press support in 2019. The trio, consisting of lead singer Chatz of Love, guitarist Ray Zamora, and bassist sax-man Eli Maliwan co-produced the album with Grammy Award winning arranger, producer and engineer Nahuel Bronzini, who’s previous work includes Fantastic Negrito’s “Please Don’t Be Dead”. 

The album’s vintage feel brings listeners to a nostalgic space, complete with gritty guitar riffs and theatrical vocals – the sound is truly and uniquely its own. Each song, performative in it’s own right, takes you on a journey of healing through trauma, filled with lightheartedness and storytelling song structures. The album seems to serve as a celebration among close-knit family and friends within their community. The sensual yet dynamic vocal delivery of Chatz of Love makes one wonder what it would look like to take indie rock to the Broadway stage. Ray Zamora’s versatile guitar riffs shift from surf to grunge, and even sometimes a country campy twang. And when Eli brings in the sax, it truly adds to the albums larger than life celebratory dynamic.

Copyslut’s album is unique in that, each song adds a story to the overall message of the album. The name of the album, “Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money”, is inspired by the transformative energy of the astrological house of Scorpio, and covers most of the themes present in the songs. It is ultimately an ode to their community of Edgewalkers, those of us who straddle various edges of society, which includes LGBTQ+, sex workers, drug users, mixed race folks, and many more. 

To find out more about Copyslut, visit their Instagram here.

And come visit them at their album release show at Oakland’s White Horse Bar tomorrow, 1/25! You can find all of the details here.

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