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Oakland’s Trailblazing Queer Rockers COPYSLUT Release Powerful New Single “The Offering&

Above artwork by Reiko Rasch. Cover photo credit: Kim Rose

As a music lover, there’s no greater joy than coming across an artist who creates music you want to suddenly put on repeat. That’s exactly the feeling I got with Copyslut when their new single “The Offering” came onto my radar. The Oakland-based trio are making music that sounds like nothing around right now. With their unique blend of cabaret and rock, Copyslut have developed a sound that feels entirely fresh, whilst also having some undeniable Broadway and grunge-rock influences shine through.

Opening with a delicately strummed, soft guitar tone and backed by a sombre sounding, accompanying violin, “The Offering” brings themes of self-harm, trauma-bonding, and abuse to the forefront. Much like the emotional roller-coaster of the healing process, “The Offering” sets the mood by utilizing different tempos and genres; from quick transitions into polka-laden, circus-sounding versus to a hard-rock fueled chorus. The lyrics are nothing short of poetic, using imagery to paint a picture of releasing emotional weight: “Blue ribbons of my body, letting go, letting go, keep them somewhere only we know, only we know”.

Couple the intricate arrangement with lead-singer Chatz of Love’s powerful vocals (reminiscent of a “Jagged Little Pill” era Alanis Morissette) and you’ve got a dynamic anthem to uplift trauma survivors and rock fans alike. “The Offering” takes Copyslut out on a high-note after a very successful year. Earlier in 2019, they released their acclaimed zine “Don’t Hate My Heels: A Confrontation With Whorephobia In Which The Whores Win“. The publication tells the tales of every-day sex-workers whilst breaking down stigmas and offering valuable resources to the sex-worker community. Additionally, the band also dropped two other singles “Neon Razberries” and “Makers Mark”. Copyslut will also be releasing their highly anticipated album “Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money” at the top of next year.

Stream “The Offering” here Be sure to stay up to date with Copyslut news by following the band on social media. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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