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Olivia Lunny’s Genre Bending New Single: Hold Me

Canadian Pop-sensation Olivia Lunny is primed for a major international breakthrough and her latest release, “Hold Me” ,might just be that. Having already made her debut on the Canadian Top 40 charts with her hit single “I Got You”, and shared the studio with Canadian superstars Justing Beiber and Michael Bublé, Olivia Lunny is one of the most promising up and coming Pop stars. 

“Hold Me” begins with folky guitar licks but soon develops into a futuristic pop anthem, complete with striking synths and booming bass. The track fluctuates between these two moods, blending them together at points and creating grey areas that exist between the genres. The song is essentially a Swift-esc ballad with dance breakdowns, a format that complements the young songwriter’s lyrics. Her cool and collected tone unveils the many ups and downs of relationships as she focuses her energy on maintaining the love that she once had. Despite the trials and complications of modern love, we all need someone to be there for us at times. That is what “Hold Me” is about.

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