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Ollie Joseph Teams Up with HUSH for ‘Ripped Up’

While Ollie Joseph may currently be living in LA, it has been quite the journey leading to where he is today. Born and raised in Japan, Ollie ended up back in the states attending high school in Florida before heading to college at a Michigan State.

These days, Ollie finds his stride blurring the lines between commercial Pop and Hip Hop.  Catchy as fuck hooks clash with lyrically driven, relatable lyrics and vicious verses that allow him to flex.  With a unique life experience to draw from, Ollie Joseph says, “My influences stem from past relationships to wild nights I’ve had going out.

While we recently featured this gem…

Ollie Joseph is already back for more.  On his new tune, “Ripped Up”, he teams up with HUSH, to deliver a tune about the one that got away.  On top of a guitar driven, Pop leaning production, Ollie dominates the track with a mix of swag, story telling and straight up lyricism.  The inspiration for the track is clear as day for the talented wordsmith…

‘”Ripped Up” is one of the most meaningful song’s I’ve written. It’s about the same girl a few of my others songs are about, and was supposed to be the final ballad about her. It probably won’t be. There’s this insanely beautiful woman from a different country that I met awhile back and was friends with for a few years. One day, it escalated to something different, and we got to spending a lot of time together. On and off for a handful of months, I realized that besides my mom, she was the woman I cared most about. The song’s an open message of the topics I’d touch if I was able to call her and be open about everything. Unfortunately, we live in an age where people have short attention spans and can emotionally disassociate themselves from people with ease. I’m not one of those people, and still got it for her.

Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on Ollie Joseph.

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