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"On My Way" - Jay Putty's Sonic Odyssey Through Life's Peaks and Valleys

Jay Putty's latest offering, "On My Way," is more than a folk-pop anthem; it's a soul-stirring journey through the labyrinth of life, where resilience is the compass and unexpected joy awaits at every turn. Building on the triumph of "The Best Days Are Yet To Come," Putty crafts a musical tapestry that captures the essence of life's unpredictable twists.

The song serves as a testament to the artist's ability to transform personal adversity into profound inspiration. From the ashes of a house fire emerges the ember of a first date that would blossom into a lifelong partnership. The passing of his father, rather than casting a shadow, becomes the impetus to embrace life with unabashed fervor. "On My Way" becomes a musical diary of life's highs and lows, intricately woven with the threads of hope and perseverance.

Putty's mantra, "if you're breathing, you have the ability to move forward," echoes through the song, urging listeners to navigate the valleys of life with the promise that greater peaks await. The lyrics are a poignant reminder that even in the face of unfairness, one can carve a path to taller and greater mountain tops by choosing to keep moving forward.

The instrumentation in "On My Way" is a harmonious blend of acoustic guitar, ukulele, drums, piano, organ, bass, banjo, mandolin, and djembe. Each note contributes to the symphony of resilience, creating a musical landscape as diverse as life itself. Crafted by the hands of Jay Putty, Michael McQuaid, and Maggie Cothren, the song is a masterpiece expertly produced, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Gates at Reach Audio.

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