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On Our Radar: London-based BVNQUET with "Bringing Me Joy"

BVNQUET, the dynamic London-based duo comprising Jazz musicians turned UK Garage producers Pete & Sam, has swiftly become one of the brightest stars in the UK Garage scene. Both parties also share some past experiences, having both been employees at the iconic Abbey Road Studios; adding another layer of authenticity to their craft, and contributes to the uniqueness of BVNQUET's sound. Discovered and mentored by the acclaimed group FooR, BVNQUET's rise has been nothing short of meteoric since signing with FooR's label, Garage Shared. Their series of single releases throughout the year have garnered widespread acclaim, with support from notable figures such as DJ EZ, Girls Don’t Sync, and SHOSH, along with multiple features on BBC Introducing.

Since their debut in late 2022 with the track, "All I Wanted Was You," BVNQUET has demonstrated their musical prowess and distinctive sound; a fusion of two worlds seemingly so far apart. The single amassed an impressive 24,000 streams without editorial support, foreshadowing the duo's potential breakout status in 2023. With over 300,000 streams and a fast-growing fan base, BVNQUET's impact on the music scene is easy to see which each new release, further solidifying their position as innovators helping to bring Soul back to Dance music.

While BVNQUET only landed on our radar a couple of days ago with their latest release, "Bringing Me Joy," I was instantly motivated to dig in to see what else they have been up to previously; and I'm glad I did. On their new single, smooth, soulful vocals shimmering atop an absolutely soul-shaking groove, "Bringing Me Joy," featuring prettyboyface, hits from beginning to end. Totally high-energy and yet incredibly smooth and refreshing - there is literally no way you won't want to add this to your stash and give BVNQUET a follow if you are into UK Garage. With a lot of commercial appeal and an original/authentic flavor that - I honestly would have a hard time comparing to anything - "Bringing Me Joy," is more than the perfect intro to BVNQUET.

The duo's presence on major platforms like BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, Spotify, and Apple Music Editorial playlists, as well as the Beatport homepage, speaks volumes about their broad appeal and the industry's recognition of their talent. As BVNQUET continues to redefine the boundaries of UK Garage with their genre-blending approach, their journey promises to be a captivating one, and their positive trajectory is undoubtedly set to continue.

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