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Party Favor Drops Visuals for Salvatore Ganacci Collab ‘Wasabi’ [VIDEO]

Electronic music pioneer Party Favor has had one hell of a year.  The highly established and often imitated producer unveiled his new 11-track album earlier this year to critical acclaim, lead in part by EZI assisted single, “Be Ok”.

Now helping to keep the momentum going, Party Favor has recently released the official video for Salvatore Ganacci assisted single, “Wasabi”.  Opting for a quirky, playful, comical video that perfectly compliments the fun groove of the track, the new visuals help to add another layer to the fold.  On the track, pitched Hip Hop leaning vocals bring a bit of urban flare as deep and steady basslines meld with pitchy synth lines to create a major club ready tune. 

While both artists rock stages all around the world, I am sure this one will be part of both of their sets for some time to come.  Make sure you check out the video and add this bomb to your playlists.  

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