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Party Favor Lets EZI Shine on Acoustic Version of ‘Be OK’ [VIDEO’

Back in April world renowned producer/DJ Party Favor unleashed his album, “Layers”, giving fans a more personal touch and diverse sound than they’ve ever gotten before . Having already racked up millions of streams thanks to tunes like, “Wait A Minute”, and the EZI assisted, “Be OK”, his latest project helps to cement Party Favor as a legend in the EDM scene while also showing the world where he is heading.

While, “Layers”, continues to spread to the masses and Party Favor continues to tour, it seems he has recently released on final goody attached to the project in the form of an acoustic version (and video) for, “Be OK”.  On the new interpretation, the spotlight lands firmly on LA singer/songwriter EZI, allowing her emotive and velvety vocals to sit front and center.  With the production relying on little more than some acoustic guitar rhythms, EZI is able to cut through, putting her candid-yet-hopeful lyrics on full display while a dynamic, hypnotizing vocal performance to drive it all home.  

All in all the acoustic version helps to transform the vibe into something that cuts way deep.  In a business where often times singers are uncredited and under-appreciated, it’s dope to see Party Favor helping to give the buzzing vocalist some extra shine.  

Make sure you check this out and get all up in your feelings.  Let this hold you over until the albums remix pack drops this month.

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