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Payson Lewis Drops Debut EP ‘Take Me Apart’ [VIDEO]

Payson Lewis has been involved in music in one way or another for nearly his whole life.  Raised in Philadelphia, he taught himself to play piano at a young age, honing his craft for years before finally landing at USC as a Music Industry Major.  It seems the move to SoCal was just what he needed to further push his desire to be an artist in his own right.

While studying at USC, Lewis had a number of musically transformative experiences including meeting his best friend and singing with USC’s world-renowned a cappella group, the SoCal Vocals.  With a new fire burning inside, Payson has been hard at work ever since preparing to launch himself as an artist.  Another major stepping stone for the young artist was when he landed as a contestant on NBC’s, “The Sing Off“.

After releasing a few singles, Payson Lewis is now ready to show the world what he is made of with his debut body of work, his 6-track, “Take Me Apart”, EP.  Blending powerful lyrics, sweeping musical accompaniment, and energetic vocals, Payson Lewis finds himself exploring themes of self-actualization, nostalgia, and positive thinking on the new project.  

Looking to bring a bit more substance and inspiration to the Pop world, Payson Lewis makes a powerful debut with accessible songs that bring an incredible energy and undeniable vibe.  On the lead single, “Better Run”, the track opens with gritty guitar and distorted drums before breaking into melodic riffs, vocals and jazzy organs runs.  The Alternative leaning jam brings an anthemic hook that will have you singing along after the first listen.  With a clear underlying musicality, the arrangement and instrumentation are just as impressive as the top lines and lyrics.

Officially putting his stamp on the Pop world, this is just the first step into what Payson Lewis is hopping will be a long and successful career as a solo artist.  With a promise of a whole lot more to come, this is more than enough to get his fans excited about the future.  Make sure you check out the full project below.  

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