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  • Katie O'Leary

PENNY Is Making Her Feelings Known With Groovy “Cauchemar”

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Relationships take time to cultivate and develop into something fruitful and beautiful. They will have their dark days, but it’s a matter of having patience and making it through the bad times. Huddersfield’s fast-rising singer-songwriter PENNY croons on these sentiments with her latest release “Cauchemar.” This new tune comes ahead of her debut EP My Secret Powers set for release on January 26, 2022.

Meaning “nightmare” in French, “Cauchemar” is a seemingly upbeat tune but carries its own darkness in the lyrics and other hidden nuances of the track. PENNY’s lulling “ooo’s” and harmonies create a dusky ambience that act as a contrast to the bright synths and buoyant drum beat. Realizing this relationship was just in a dark period and is now finding its way into the light, PENNY delivers some relatable lines like “got just what I need right here with you” and “now I see the bad times they are though.” This tune proves to be irresistible, as PENNY shares:

“I think ‘Cauchemar’ is one of my favourite songs from the EP. It came out of my body and onto the page within a matter of minutes, and I kind of feel this when I’m singing it. It always feels new to me, and so, so groovy. It’s almost as if I get a nice little surprise every time that dreamy drum beat kicks in. This track makes me want to cut all the shapes in the wurrrrld, and I hope it does you too <3

PENNY is Huddersfield born and bred, and fiercely proud of her hometown. With her sweet and bewitching vocals, irresistible melodies and West Yorkshire charm, PENNY is set to become your new favourite pop star. She has recently announced a three date tour across the UK, scheduled for February 2022, during which she will play in Manchester, Leeds, and London. Full details can be found below.

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