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Phenom Producer, filous, Joins Forces with The Kooks To Delight Us With- ‘HEY LOVE’

Short, care-free, and sweet, ‘HEY LOVE’ is everything you want from a summer jam filled with light–hearted lyrics and melody focused around LOVE! Produced, filous, of Austria, teams up with British sensation The Kooks, to put hearts in our eyes and cupid on our shoulder with this love letter of a summer jam. Simple, well written lyrics swim through your brain, accompanied by a musical hook, that will reel you in over and over, again, on this track. The single is the first track from his upcoming project and showcases the evolving sound that the producer is developing and already well known for!

The newest single from filous who goes by Percy, follows previous releases that he worked with other artists to bring to life, “Monday” ft. Ashe and the indie hit “Bicycle” ft. klei. Percy started playing music at the age of ten, playing guitar and other live instruments, but was ultimately introduced to producing by his brother, opening a world of opportunity to the young artist. His live instrument talents combined with his new found producing skills led him to begin remixing songs for fun, turning a hobby into a viral sensation. “Known for his coastal, weightless remixes like that of “Ohio” by Damien Jurado with over 65 million streams and “How Hard I Try” ft. James Hersey with over 85 million streams, filous has created an iconic sound that is universally loved”. Percy‘s creativity, knows no bounds. Accompanying the release of ‘HEY LOVE’, there will be a video and interactive website experience, where visitors can manipulate parts of the track, getting a sense for the production aspect of filous‘s creative works. Fans will even be able to use a virtual replica of his own person mixing board!

Of working with the world renowned band The Kooks, filous says, “It’s not everyday that you get to work with a band that inspired a whole generation,” Percy shares. “Getting the opportunity to make music with The Kooks is something I am very grateful for. From writing the song to working on the production with them, I really got to witness their genius intuition, that is so prevalent in their music, first hand. When it came to producing the song, I wanted it to end up sounding like a logical evolution from their own releases, while giving it a new spin. The idea was to give their english sound a viennese touch. Distortion meets cleanliness. Guitars meet Violins. The Kooks meet filous“. The artist could not have nailed it any better. ‘HEY LOVE’ sounds like the completely natural evolution of music written and performed by The Kooks, with a current sound and feel.

Add this Indie/Acoustic jam to your summer playlist and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The nostalgic feeling of the music perfectly combines with modern production and a finely tuned classical instrument background, to put forth a harmoniously quirky sound, you are sure to LOVE!

Listen To More from filous, here:

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