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Phil Simmonds Readies New EP with Latest Single ‘Homesick’

About a week or two ago, I had a jam land in my inbox that has been getting me all up in my feelings ever since.  Since launching his solo career just last year, London born LA based artist Phil Simmonds comes out of the gate swinging on his new offering, delivering an undeniable vibe and setting the tone for what else may be on the way. 

The new single, titled, “Homesick”, serves as the lead track from his forthcoming EP of the same name and sees the songwriter/producer bring a blend of influences and a bit of an experimental edge that help to set him apart from the pack.  Clearly intent on carving a lane of his own, Phil Simmonds brings a distinct sound and originality thanks to his minimal yet interesting production, intriguing arrangements and dynamic, emotive. hooky vocals.

While the date for his debut EP has not yet been revealed, I can assure that this tune is more than enough to get you hooked.  This one will be a go to for me for sometime.

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