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Phillip Wolf Has Too Many ‘People in the Way’ [VIDEO]

San Antonio in the house.

Keep an eye on Phillip Wolf.  Blending new wave vibes, catchy af melodies and some straight up bars, the Texas based MC is poised to make some serious noise with the Hip Hop heads of the day.  

His latest release, “People in the Way”, comes along with an official music video and gives listeners a glimpse into who he is as an artist.  Relatable, authentic and all in.  The production relies on some simple piano melodies and heavy bass and drums to carry the tune.  While there isn’t too much going on with the beat otherwise, it is the way Phillip Wolf flows on the track that makes it hit.

For me – there is no reason this track wouldn’t work in a set next to your new favorites from Drake, Chance The Rapper, and any of your other top picks right now.  An all around solid release.

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