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Pink Elefants Releases Official Music Video For Their Hit “Blame On Me”

Pink Elefants break into the pop world with their iconic new single “Blame on Me”, to release Thursday May 14th. While the music of Pink Elefants leans pop, the trio incorporates modern R&B flair (for fans of The Weeknd) and influences from their alt rock background (for fans of Twenty One Pilots) to create a genreless landscape for listeners who seek modern, rule-defying music.

The three very different individuals who front Pink Elefants hope to inspire others to challenge themselves and take unfamiliar approaches to modern music. Their true passion lies within the creation of the tracks, and “Blame On Me” does not fall short of their attuned approach to true genreless magic.

“Blame On Me” talks about the negative mental impact that results from being told that you are to blame for something even though it takes two to tango.

Responding to high demand, the group filmed their video with Darpino Media. The track’s relatable nature contributed heavily to its success; “Tracking the song felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders” says Sammie. With its catchy pop moods and it’s lyrical relatability, “Blame On Me” is bound to be a fan favorite.

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