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Plushgun Makes Soothing Return with ‘Lukewarm’

Ten years after the release of their Electro-Pop tinged and introspective “Just Impolite”, Brooklyn based Indie favorite Plushgun makes a triumphant return with their highly anticipated new single, “Lukewarm”.

This heart-felt Folk leaning tune will bring your emotion level to a full 9000%. Expect the “feels” to invade quickly as the minimalist approach to production and raw emotional vocals brings out those long forgotten memories of the one that got away.  Soft and subtle production lead by rhythmic, acoustic guitar and backed by ethereal pads and enhanced with rich strings lay the perfect bed for the touching duet.  They dynamic between the two vocalists is rich and allows both parties to fully express themselves at their own pace.

What makes this release really stand out is the space and dynamics delivered through both the instrumentation and vocals.  The down-tempo track makes sure that every element is right at home where it stands – Taking the listener on a ride, developing from beginning to end while the tension builds both lyrically and musically.

Plushgun says about the release, “There is no such thing as a soul mate, there is no ‘perfect one’, but we accept the person that is close enough. When one half is more sure, has bought in more fully than the other, it can be hard on both. This song is about that tough place between “good” and “good enough” that we often struggle with in an attempt to feel whole.

Can’t wait to hear what’s in store for Plushgun because this is a tune I just can’t get enough of. Go ahead and give them a listen!

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