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Pop Artist Carter Reeves Delivers Smooth Vocals In New Hit “These Days”

Former Aer front man Carter Reeves is back with the smooth lyrical stylings of “These Days”. The laid back track makes you yearn for summer as he effortlessly showcases his RIAA-certified songwriting skills. The good move vibe of “These Days” is exactly what the world needs right now. The perfect song to your road trip soundtrack, you can feel a sense of relief in Carter’s voice as he’s just coming off of a six year stint of selling out shows across the country with his former Hip Hop duo Aer.

The sunny new track is honest in its lyrics and addictive in its bounce. Its buoyancy is meant to generate good moods during a time when we need positivity more than ever before. Off of his debut solo EP “Fresh Fruit”, “These Days” is sure to get listeners up and moving in hopes that it inspires people to make it through the remainder of our long winter months.

Visit Carter Reeves on Instagram here.

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