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Pop Artist Lorelei Marcell Breaks Up the “Masterpiece” in Relatable New Single feat. The Grand Mess

Indie pop artist Lorelei Marcell teams up with Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist The Grand Mess in her honest new single “Masterpiece.” The second track from a string of new releases, “Masterpiece” is about the importance of moving forward while also acknowledging regrets of the past. After listening to a podcast where she heard the sentiment, “The most common feeling we feel is love, the second most common feeling is regret,” Lorelei began reevaluating her views of the past, not necessarily in relationships with others, but with herself. Marcell realized that she too looks at a good portion of her past with regret. When reflecting on the positive moments, however, she’s still able to pick out times when she may have done something wrong or embarrassing, or judged herself for her actions. In doing this, it can be challenging to move forward and the past quickly becomes overwhelming and difficult to escape.

“I’m breaking up the masterpiece. It shattered right in front of me. I’m breaking up the masterpiece, ‘cause I’m tired of floating around you, the smoke never clears if you don’t move” ~ Masterpiece

“I wanted to add in a recording of my mom and I talking at the end, not just because I think it fits well, but because it speaks to who we are judging so harshly. A younger, innocent, and beautifully vulnerable version of ourselves.”
Instrumentally, her relatable new track feels larger than life. Paired with the captivating vocal stylings of The Grand Mess, listeners are invited into a sonic landscape reflective of a broken mirror; a time when someone has finally had enough and is ready to move on. Directly in line with the introspective songwriting we were introduced to in her previous single “Need Me,” “Masterpiece” feels less nostalgic and instead empowering, and bold. In short, while “Masterpiece” is about feeling stuck in the past, its musical dynamic celebrates the beauty of becoming a new version of yourself and leaving behind the parts of you that you always thought were vital and good. After all, living in regret and embarrassment, is not really living.

Born outside of Philadelphia, Lorelei was brought up in a suburb of Boston and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. The young pop artist has not only gathered over a million cumulative streams independently but has also drawn the likes of GRAMMY® Award-nominated songwriter JHart [Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Usher] to her corner. During 2019, she made her debut with “Losing Myself,” amassing 131k Spotify streams and 109K YouTube views. On its heels, the breezy “Summertime High” drew 312K YouTube views. Co-written with Valerie Broussard [Kygo, Galantis], Stefan Lit [One Direction, Andy Grammar], and Shannon McArthur [Dashboard Confessional], “Dreamin About You” maintained her momentum with nearly 300K total on-demand streams. Lorelei’s music continues to defy both era and categorization. Mixing R&B influence with a mainstream indie pop sound, her talents consistently sit front and center, and her new single “Masterpiece” certainly does not disappoint.

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