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Pop Artist vara Releases Relatable Intensity in New Hit "paranoia"

Singer-songwriter and beloved social media influencer vara greets fans with perhaps their most personal hit yet “Paranoia”. Both intimate and delightfully introspective, “Paranoia” introduces a vulnerability not yet seen by the young artist as they introduce themes like depression and a relatable wrestling with one's mental health. Signed under their own independent label Kefe Records, vara’s infectious social media presence has garnered them the attention of tens of thousands of fans from around the world. But happiness doesn’t always go hand in hand with attention; in “Paranoia”, vara claims that everybody tells them that they’re not okay and admittedly, that might be the case – but what if they feel better that way? Embracing their inner struggles, their new hit offers an edge to mainstream pop that feels refreshingly modern with a hint of early 2000’s emo pop.

While vara writes the lyrics, they credit other contributors like Rikki Randall, Cameron Mitchell, and John Luke Lewis to the track. The composition stems from a variety of lyrical influences such as The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, and Taylor Swift as well as musical influences like Lana Del Rey, MARINA, Billie Eilish and so much more. In line with their usual themes, the feeling of emotional pain is what drives vara to tell their story in a very grounded and authentic way. Because of their honest and relatable delivery, stories of unrequited love and struggles with mental health are what attract listeners to the young artist. Hoping to work their way up to a full length project, “Paranoia” marks a massive start to what is bound to be a very fruitful music career.

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