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POP/R&B Artist Macey Estes Drops Two Singles From Upcoming, Debut EP “Save Yourself”

The multi-talented, genre blurring artist, MACEY ESTES, is here to make you question what you think you know about the genres of POP/R&B. With the use of current popular SYNTH melodies, MACEY adds a smooth and sultry vocal/lyrical performance to her songs that resembles the R&B styling of her influences Jessie Reyez, Njomza, Alessia Cara and H.E.R., and she’s nailing it! Tackling topics such as mental health, heartbreak, and self-worth in her music, the NASHVILLE based transplant has an extremely relevant feel to her songs. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in music production and working alongside some of the industry leaders, MACEY ESTES is ready to show us all her chops, with a debut EP, featuring two singles… ‘WRECK IT ALL’ and ‘WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR.’

‘WRECK IT ALL’ is a song about struggling with the feelings of being the toxic person in relationships. To spite it’s upbeat tone and melodies, the lyrics tell a story of how “sometimes it seems like you’re destined to destroy even the things you love the most.” The content of the lyrics, in this jam, are honest and very relatable. It’s clear that MACEY has left her heart on her sleeve in this one. The first single from the EP, titled “SAVE YOURSELF”, is full of raw emotion and smooth fun melody!

‘WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR’, unlike its predecessor from the upcoming EP, has a more playful vibe. This is a song to BUMP while you’re getting ready for a night out with the girls (or boys). With a strong POP sound, fun lyrics, and a range of vocals, MACEY is certainly here for fun with this one. ESTES states the song is about “The unbothered confident feeling you have when going out with your friends.” Bassy synths and rythyms, as well as in your face melodies and lyrics give the jam a bold, sexy, flavor that listeners will eat up. Rest assured, when you get to the club after bumping this in the bedroom and the car, you’ll fee like you run the joint, once you get inside.

Listen to more from MACEY ESTES here:

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