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Rocking out of Sweden, is the Alt-Rock band, Casper The Ghost. Creating all of their own music from their studio in Sweden, the duo known as Casper The Ghost, have cultivated a sound with roots in hip-hop, emo, trap music, and rock. The result is an energetic and fast paced sound, that is reminiscent of early 2000’s Pop-Punk, but lands perfectly in today’s Alt-Rock genre. The music of the duo teeters between an immersive urban underground scene, with their music, and reaching over 200,000 listeners, monthly, on Spotify. Casper The Ghost has sold platinum with previous releases, solidifying the fact that in today’s musical climate, the Do-It-Yourself approach, really works. Adding to their success and ability to go viral, the band has now partnered with the Canadian singer/rapper, based in LA, Jordan Lutes a.k.a. Jutes on the collaborative new single BAD.

BAD is a song about a toxic relationship, where to spite the necessity, both parties are too afraid to talk about their issues. We’ve all been there, I’m sure. The kind of relationship where you know something isn’t right and the resentment builds every day, while you avoid the inevitable, based on fear of making things worse. The chorus of BAD perfectly sums up the songs sentiment, “I’ll make it bad. The things we had, I can’t look back. Now watch my back, We don’t make sense, and it makes mе mad, It makes me mad. The things you say bеhind my back, you make me bad I always knew this wouldn’t last.

The track boasts energetic collaborative vocal performances from Casper as well as smooth, melodic harmonies from Jutes. Mixed with a Blink 182 style, Travis Barker, drum score, it’s easy to see where these musicians lay their roots. The 00‘s driven Punk-Pop genre shines through in BAD while also carving out it’s own unique sound and niche in the Alt/Rock-Pop genre, that is so prevalent, these days.

If you are in need of some new music to add between your nostalgic Emo tracks on your music playlist, Casper The Friendly Ghost feat. JutesBAD, is the song you are looking for!

Listen to more music from Casper The Ghost, here:

Listen to more music from Jutes, here:

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