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Popular YouTube Star Ally Hills Revives Her Girlfriends Childhood Pop Music Creation “manipuLIES”

Lesbian YouTube star Ally Hills has made her mark on the internet as a comedian, LGBTQ+ influencer, content creator and pop artist. Her undeniably hilarious perspective on everything from making cocktails to dating has captured the hearts of comedy lovers from all over the world. Proving her effortless versatility, Ally has released viral pop hits like “Space”, “Wrong” “Not Now” and most recently “If I Don’t” from her latest EP “Love and Other Figments of My Imagination” which has already accumulated over 927k plays on Spotify. Today, she is ready to end 2022 on a high note with the release of a highly energized hit with a priceless backstory. “manipuLIES” is described as the brainchild of a dramatic 10 year old girl who had yet to experience any romantic turmoil, but alas, still wanted to write a song about it. Ally’s current girlfriend had written the original lyrics to the track when she was only 10 and naturally, fourteen years later, the stroke of songwriting genius crept its way into their lives. “manipuLIES” was meant to be a joke between Ally and her girlfriend, but ended up becoming an unmistakable alternative-pop hit fit for the airwaves.

“You say i’m the one for you and that’s right baby boo, but i’m never ever ever ever gonna be with you” ~ “manipuLIES”

The song depicts the idea of outsmarting a “player” and dodging betrayal with an empowering narrative of recognizing red flags, knowing one’s worth, and ultimately not being manipulized. According to Urban Dictionary, the word “manipulize” can be defined as a combination of manipulate and monopolize; so either, Ally’s girlfriend was a lyrical prodigy or just a tween with a limited vocabulary. Either way, the track is a bop fit for the mainstream as well as an opportunity to write a song that isn’t actually about anyone in particular.

"I never thought I would actually release “manipuLIES” because it was made just for fun. After finding some childhood memorabilia, my girlfriend sent me a photo of lyrics she had written when she was 10 and that night I turned them into a song to give to her on our third date the next day. As far as the meaning goes, the lyrics are pretty straight forward, but at the end of the day the song is simply a sentimental inside joke between her and I more than anything else." - Ally Hills

Launching her viral YouTube channel in 2012, Ally quickly captured the hearts of tens of thousands of fans from around the world. Delivering a quirky mix of comedy, music and stories about her experience in the LGBTQ+ community, Ally’s loveable content quickly positioned her as one of YouTube’s most popular creative influencers. Frequently playing shows at LA and NY’s most notable music venues (Peppermint Club, Harvard & Stone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Ally’s success eventually led her to a Shorty Award Nomination in 2016 for Best YouTube Musician. Her musical influences range from pop icons such as Paramore, modern indie pop, as well as beloved new wave bands from the 80’s like Tears for Fears and New Order. Comedically, Ally’s brand of ‘observational humor’ allows her to find comedy in ordinary, everyday things, making them relatable yet wildly entertaining to her viewers.

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