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Porsh Bet$ Releases Latest Anthem "Things In the Way"

Excited to share the title track off of his upcoming EP, artist Porsh Bet$ has returned with a Hip Hop inspired synthpop soundscape in his new hit "Things in the Way". A true bop from beginning to end, "Things in the Way" captures his vocals front and center, wound with ethereal melodies throughout. Showcasing his magnetic charisma, Porsh discusses the relatable topic of FOMO and knowing what he's missing out on only makes him more bitter. "Things in the Way" is about the constraints of being in a long distance relationship with someone and the endless yearning that it creates. Written while he started seeing his girlfriend who at the time, lived on the opposite coast, his new track talks about how the distance between the two of them led them closing off and pushing away from one another. And his complaints about the situation ultimately ended up becoming the hook of the song.

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