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Pragmatico Unveils Party Anthem "Gospel Freaks"

"Gospel Freaks" unveils Pragmatico as the pulsating heartbeat of the party scene. Known for his love of bold dance floor anthems, this track transcends conventional boundaries – it's more than a Christmas carol, not religious, and certainly not a political manifesto; it's a profound human commentary.

From the enchanting Northern Lights to the mesmerizing Aurora Australis, Pragmatico emerges as a celestial constellation demanding attention through your musical telescope. Hailing from Melbourne, this mysterious DJ/Producer has orchestrated two cosmic explosions of gritty dance floor perfection that defy belief. "Guccy Cuccy" featuring StereoKilla and "Louie V" are poised to become future classics, already propelling Pragmatico into orbit.

With a distinctive style and swagger uniquely his own, Pragmatico captures the zeitgeist with playful audacity. His sonic creations are set to illuminate dance floors, proliferate across social media, and secure coveted spots on radio playlists not just on Earth, but across the vast expanse of the galaxy and beyond. "Gospel Freaks" is a testament to Pragmatico's ability to push musical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the interstellar dance music landscape.

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