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PREMIERE: Marq Electronica Brings The Rave To Us In New Single ‘Crazy Fool’

Marq Electronica is back with another bop this month set to get us grooving through lockdown life. ‘Crazy Fool’ is the electric new dance anthem from Marq, and it’s landing at the perfect time for such a pick-me-up song. No newbie to the music scene, Marq Electronica has been making and performing original tracks for a hot minute. Having been the frontman for the electro-synth rock band, Sapien Trace, Marq’s sound has been flourishing amongst pros. Claiming it took lockdown to finally push himself to kick start his solo venture, Marq has been releasing singles since just last year. With just under one hundred thousand streams on Spotify alone in that time, it’s evident that Marq’s music has been worth the wait. His upcoming single ‘Crazy Fool’ comes off the back of his previous successful single ‘Wildlife’. The track was produced by Brit and Ivor Novello award winner Simon Ellis, as he sprinkles his special expertise over the song.

‘Crazy Fool’ is an effortless evolution from his previous pieces of work. Oozing a deep house flair, ‘Crazy Fool’ is the energetic, electric, innately infectious hit we’ve been waiting for. Marq Electronica’s vocals stand front and centre, as his captivatingly commanding vocal line propels this track into a whole new dimension. Marq has sculpted a sonic landscape rich with hummable hooks, carefully crafted catchy melodies and dynamic drum breaks best suited to get you dancing. This track feels like Marq Electronica in his prime. It’s clear this year will be pivotal for rising star Marq Electronica. So, it’s high time we turned our lockdown living into the raves we’ve been missing and blast Marq Electronica’s latest single ‘Crazy Fool’ is out TODAY!

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Stream/download ‘Crazy Fool’ on all major digital platforms HERE

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