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Prince Wiser Delivers with ‘So Good’

Always good to hear some talent coming out of the 5 boroughs.  BX stand up.

Prince Wiser has just dropped the realness with his newest tune, “So Good”.  On top of a smooth, jazzy production at the hands of 1st Official, Prince kicks slick rhymes while tackling the current state of growing up black in the US.  The conscious yet hard hitting tune sees Prince keeping it classy, but making sure he gets the point across via fast fire bars, clever punchlines and solid wordplay.  At the end of the day Prince Wiser says he’s just, “tryna put my hood on.  Tryna do it without a hood anthem or hood song.

With Mada on the hook, he sings, “It feels so good to be black”, but underneath the uplifting chorus is the real story at hand – the stereotypes, struggles, racism and risk that come along with being a young black man in 2K18.  With all things considered Prince Wiser focuses on keeping it moving and working hard to get where he needs to be, “on the grave shift tryna get the fuck out my grave,” he proclaims.

Putting all the bullshit to the side, Prince Wiser spits the realness unapologetically and with no hidden agenda.  He’s not looking for a hand out, never making excuses and never giving up.

This is some A+ Hip Hop.

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