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Production Duo ‘loyalties’ Embraces Late Summer Vibes In New Collaboration with Alto Moon “Body Lang

To celebrate the final days of summer, buzzing production duo loyalties are back in a stunning collaboration with soulful artist and producer Alto Moon with their hit “Body Language”. The undoubtedly feel good vibes of “Body Language” were created remotely over facetime from Atlanta, Dallas and Brooklyn. Thank technology for bringing Alto Moon’s smooth R&B vocals together with the high quality pop production from loyalties; “Body Language” embraces the fun-loving confusion that comes with the early stages of love. “Body Language is such a fun mix of confidence and mystery. It addresses the strange but fun way we all try to read a romantic situation. It’s like being a teen all over again. Neither of us have the words to describe it, but i’m pretty sure we are into each other.” – Alto Moon 

The new single is all about that butterfly feeling you get in your stomach when you’re crushing on someone and wonder, are they crushing on you too? Feeling out the vibes is part of the fun; what are they thinking? How do they feel about me? These are all on our mind when we are left to ponder whether or not our crush is liking us back. Summer love is celebrated in “Body Language” and I think it’s clear that we could all use the good mood. The new single follows the success of loyalties’ previous track “Sad Sometimes” which featured TikTok star & singer-songwriter Emma Oliver. The track accumulated over 400k streams cross platform within the first month landing on multiple Spotify & Apple editorial playlists and receiving praise from American Songwriter, Medium Magazine, & Ones to Watch. TikTok itself endorsed the single on it’s very own home page. Comprised of Dan Stringer (Brooklyn, NY) and Michael Kanne (Dallas, TX), the duo originally bonded over a love for music with big drums, big bass, and even bigger hooks. Not limited to a single location, genre, or vocalist, the duo is able to explore a wide variety of sounds while staying true to that same honest vibe they both love. Alto Moon is equal parts artist & producer with genre-bending productions and soulful vocals reflective of 90’s R&B. The rising R&B star has landed on Spotify’s Aries & Taurus playlists & draws inspiration from mega-producer Pharrell Williams as well as Sam Smith and Kehlani. Moon delivers lyrical versatility with nods to his interest in futurism, video games, & film-like romance. 

Alto Moon

Both loyalties and Alto Moon have big moves in the works. loyalties is planning on releasing their next single 5-6 weeks after “Body Language” as they partner with more artists all across the globe. They are also finishing producing Emma Oliver’s new EP that will also release this fall. Alto Moon is wrapping up a mid-length studio project with multiple producers that is set to release this fall as well.

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