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Prominent Hip-Hop Artist YONAS Kicks Off The Decade In Style With His Latest Single “OMG”

YONAS has undoubtedly left his mark on Hip-Hop as he continues to raise the bar with hit after hit. Now, he’s ready to kick off the decade with his newest single “OMG”! The track is upbeat and gritty with a message that’ll make listeners want to get up and celebrate the moment in 2020. “OMG” standing for “Oh My God” is an expressed ‘wow’ moment that fans have when they see the moves that YONAS’s team is making; the progress is impossible to ignore. “When you hear the music and see the visuals moving forward, it’s Oh my god, how did I sleep on him? When you see the moves we make going forward it’ll be, Oh my god they pulled it off. Everything from now on is ‘wow factor’, designed to get that reaction that is undeniable at this point” says YONAS.

The song begins with a suspenseful build, leading right into YONAS’ confident delivery.

“Woah, shorty drop it like she spilt somethin’ / Started from the bottom then I built something’”

It continues as a party where YONAS celebrates years of milestones and achievements. ¾ of the way through, the track takes on a catchy-pop production, showing us a lighter more care-free side of YONAS. Is this a tease for new sounds to come?

“What’s my name, you know me / I’m blowing up, girl it ain’t lowkey / You could roll, roll with me / She turned around said OMG”

He has put so much time into crafting a career, building a fan base & studying and perfecting the craft;  and now he’s happily seeing the fruits of his labor. “I’m speaking for the next generation of artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs. I’m talking to the women of the world who not only kill it in the boardroom, but like to enjoy themselves out in the city.”

Having collaborated with some of the top names in music and acquiring 500 million + digital streams cross-platform, easily places YONAS at the top of the pack. “OMG” follows his most recent release “Karate Kid” which received high praise from outlets such as Forbes; it also follows his second headline tour through Europe. YONAS has had the distinction of sharing studios and stages with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Logic, B.O.B, Macklemore, Schoolboy Q and many more. He has also earned prime exposure through features and song placements with MTV U, Pepsi, Fuse TV, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” and Warrior Sports. His longevity and unique ability to cater to any audience gives him an undeniable edge in this industry and his movement continues to innovate and inspire listeners worldwide.

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