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Protect the Sacred with AMbassadors of Morning

A week before the official release, we have the honor of sharing an exclusive video from the band AMbassadors of Morning:

This video was made in collaboration with two charities and for that reason holds a special place in the world of music. All too often, artists are quick to make music first and foremost to promote themselves. However, it is clear that AMbassadors of Morning make music for a greater purpose.


Mussa writes:

Thank you for taking the time to check out this new, unreleased lyric video for the song “Where Are We Now?” by my band, AMbassadors of Morning.

I am known as Mussa.  I am a Global Citizen from the United States.  Aside from being a (BMI) songwriter, singer, producer and guitarist, I have worked on documentaries that honor the indigenous medical knowledge found in the communities and jungles of Costa Rica.  This film work connected me with Cool Earth (, a charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rain-forest destruction (with 10% of the album proceeds going to this charity as well as the Standing Rock Legal Fund


This single is from a brand-new album that has taken three years to make and has been touched by world class musicians who I truly admire for their passion to make a positive impact on a global stage.  I want to thank Nicolas Laget of The Sweet Spot Studio for co-producing, engineering and mixing this project, and for being an incredible friend during this process.

Thank you to all who who have given support these incredible charities. Please let me know if you have any questions on how to get involved.

Sincerely, Mussa 


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