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Quiohte Drops Wavy Single "Demons"

Hailing from Atlanta, new artist Quiohte only launched is solo project just last year, and has been keeping things buzzing ever since. With slick vocals, beefy production and a whole lot of sauce, I have no doubt we will be hearing a whole lot more from Quiohte going forward.

With a growing catalog and fan base, it seems that Quiohte is only really just getting started. Recently he dropped standout single, "demons", and we have been knocking it ever since. This jam features smooth melodies and some thick low-end that adds the the songs moody and captivating allure. Serving as my introduction to Quiohte, it only took one listen to know that there was a whole lot to like here. With an edgy, Alt-R&B vibe, the execution is flawless and there is still enough originality that instantly helped Quiohte stand out in a sea of submissions. Just as sexy as it is haunting, "demons", is a major bop that tells, "the story of how some people you glorify as angels, may be something sinister in disguise."

To add to the hype, it seems Quiohte is ready to keep the pressure on, having already dropped follow up, "thought of you".

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