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R&B Artist Foxfrd Releases "Momentum" EP

Kicking the year off with the release of his debut EP “Momentum”, R&B artist and video game animator Foxfrd concludes a string of melodic releases to make room for new beginnings. Paired with videos that he self-animated, directed and produced, his tracks “Oni”, “Where Are All My Friends” and “Tempest” will be featured on the debut project alongside new additions “Black James Bond”, “Sun Beamin'' and “The Fool”. Composed of six mood-specific tracks, the creation of “Momentum” served as a way for Foxfrd to cope with repressed emotions and feelings of loneliness. Failing to rekindle a romance jaded by the reaction to his mother’s passing, coping with the lonely energy of Los Angeles and finally, sending a thank you to those who have stuck by his side, listeners have been taken on a rollercoaster of emotions that were finally confronted and expressed during quarantine.

Each song on “Momentum” has served a therapeutic purpose and fans are eager to soak up the singles they have not yet heard. Kicking things off with “Black James Bond”, Foxfrd acknowledges his tendency to place blame on his superficial things like his physical appearance or lack of fancy possessions for the reason he has struggled to find promising romantic connections. “Sun Beamin” takes on themes similar to “Oni” in which the young artist confronts a failed relationship but instead, presents the story in a more upbeat and hopeful light. And lastly, “The Fool” presents an introspective look at his struggles with self confidence and his reluctance to be assertive in the past. But fear not, “Momentum”, while wildly relatable, marks the end to this chapter as Foxfrd anxiously prepares for a fresh start.

Now Los Angeles-based, Foxfrd’s original music chops blossomed during his time in Memphis, TN. Having been a lead animator in the video game industry for many years, he introduces a wildly unique approach to storytelling through visual art. Working for notable gaming studio The Game Band, where he helped create the Apple award-winning game Where Cards Fall, Foxfrd’s experience has positioned him as a multimedia artist on the rise. Now performing as a viral creator on TikTok, his content is reaching millions of streams worldwide. Brilliantly embracing the seamless crossover between the music and gaming worlds, Foxfrd has found his lane in the industry and we are thrilled to witness its continuous growth on a global scale.

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