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R&B Artist Tucker Nichol Releases Second Single Off Of Upcoming Album

Reaching her absolute breaking point, Nashville’s Tucker Nichol is back with a new single to illustrate the emotional rollercoaster that a toxic relationship (and in this case, non-romantic) can be when it becomes entirely too unhealthy to sustain. Leading with a smooth, fresh take on R&B, “Over the Edge” is the second single to be released ahead of her upcoming album “Too Close to Home”. The new track covers difficult topics like abuse and the way that past experiences became emotionally crippling for Tucker, due to their unpredictable and unstable nature. In the new single, we witness her wrestling with doubt about leaving such a difficult situation but ultimately, her immense amounts of courage and bravery are what allowed her to finally walk away. Her confident vocal delivery introduces an infectious attitude that pairs well with Tucker’s new, self-assured chapter as an artist. Having been previously crowned Miss Tennessee USA in 2010, Tucker is no stranger to the spotlight and “Over the Edge” does not disappoint.

“Which version of you will I get? Cause I’m learnin with you I can’t predict, Everything that you do / And every way you walk around the truth, But every intention echoes through everything” ~ Over the Edge

This is the point where she’s realized that she no longer wants to walk on eggshells. Having to tiptoe around others’ instability is not in the cards for someone who is laser focused on achieving her dreams. “Over the Edge” does a brilliant job of communicating the ways she’s tried to make difficult relationships work but ultimately, she knows that she should be loved the way that she deserves. Life is too short to navigate the pain and the drama - there comes a point where enough is truly enough. Exhibiting true bravery and self love, Tucker’s excitement for the future shines through her resentment of past situations that used to slow her down. She is strong, she is confident, and she is ready to change the stigma around emotional and mental health. Now, as she shifts her energy from an illustrious pageant career to a grounded and ambitious effort as a beloved recording artist, we witness her truly blossom through authentic, heart-on-your-sleeve storytelling. Not afraid to tell the truth, Tucker writes through a trauma-informed lens that is sure to resonate with fans who may have experienced a similar struggle.

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