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Rachel Mazer Debuts with Stunning ‘Is it So Wrong’

While Rachel Mazer may be well known in several musical circles, when it comes to being an artist all her own, she has only recently taken the leap.  As a musician, Rachel has taken up duty playing for several bands and collectives.  Whether it be as a bassist, vocalist, guitarist or saxophonist – she is well known as a talented musician and multi-instrumentalist.  From Michigan to LA, you can often find Rachel Mazer sharing her talents in any capacity need be.

While the track feels Pop enough to work in the modern musical landscape, there is a nostalgic feel from the harmonies to the analog feeling mix/master that brings a timeless energy to the tune.  About the release Rachel says, “I want this song to inspire people to be bold, love deeply, chase passion, take chances, be playful. We all deserve love, passion, and power in our lives.”  With her debut 10-track LP primed and ready to drop early next year, Rachel Mazer feels poised to show the world what she is made of – raw talent.

Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

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