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Radio Smash Team Up with Salvo for New Tune ‘Come on Home’

While Radio Smash may have recently left New Jersey to head out west, they are making sure to keep the tunes coming – and in prime fashion.

The buzzing electronic duo, comprised of AJ DeMarco and Sal Volo have been pumping out tunes for some time now.  Known for their genre bending releases, quality production and worldly appeal, Radio Smash make music for the masses.  From vibrant Future Bass leaning bombs to more club infused bangers, Radio Smash finds solace in making sure they are never put into a box.

On their new release, “Come on Home“, they have teamed up with Salvo to deliver a commercially friendly, Pop infused bomb.  Opening the track with bright melodies and sustained chords, the track quickly builds into the vocals laid down by Sal while a thumping bassline takes hold.  Leading into the hook, there is a bit of a breather carried by the vocals before leading into a pumping drop that features huge side-chained synths and beautiful melodies.  As the track chugs on, Salvo is soon introduced, adding a whole new dynamic to the track as her and Sal exchange vocal duties.

A bright and uplifting tune, “Come on Home“, is a release that can work in nearly every setting.  From the club to the main stage to a cruise in the whip, the new single brings something for everyone and is yet another stand out release for the young duo.

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