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Rain Keeps Pouring in Jillian Rossi & Caleb Hearn’s New Hit “Under the Weather&#8221

A quick follow-up to her breakout single “So What”, pop artist Jillian Rossi teams up with Caleb Hearn in their anthemic new single “Under the Weather”. Written together but apart, Jillian and Caleb created “Under the Weather” virtually, having never met before. A representation of sadness and loneliness, the relatable new single comes inspired by the mental health crisis our world is dealing with during COVID. Not only will quarantining for a year make you irritable, but so will getting taking advantage of by sketchy industry personnel. An expose in Rolling Stone details how quickly the beat underpinning to Caleb’s viral hit “Always Be” got snatched up by a well-known industry exec.

“Under the Weather” captures the pain and defeat he felt throughout this process, voicing that everything felt so uncertain. Jillian’s contribution channeled the same frustrated energy due to her battle with body image. With a voice reminiscent of popular artist Sia, Jillian’s vocals pair seamlessly with Caleb in a hit that paints a crystal-clear portrait of a societal sadness that has been ongoing since the top of 2020.

About Jillian: Jillian Rossi is an up & coming pop artist & writer bringing the emphasis back onto the vocalist in pop music. By infusing her extremely candid, and enthusiastic writing style with her soaring vocals, Jillian is injecting a breath of fresh air into the next rising generation of pop artists.

Growing up in Long Island, NY idolizing the pop stars of the 2000s, Jillian now aims to make sure she broadens what actually makes a pop star, rather than recasting from the same recycled mold – opening doors for every body type, & for every person to feel and be heard.

Follow Jillian on Instagram here for more info.

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