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Ransom Lulls Of Unreciprocated Love With “Come Over”

Being honest about our feelings can be intimidating, especially if the person you confess to doesn’t feel the same way. Singer-songwriter ransom works out these hesitations and confusions on his latest single “Come Over.”

The upbeat acoustic pop tune carries a simple nature, but graciously blooms into a whimsical story of unreciprocated love. The acoustic guitar lays down a hypnotic beat while the incorporation of keys and horns provide extra bits of texture that elevate the tune’s production soundscape. Lyrically, ransom sings of a girl who has preoccupied his mind. He can see them together and if only she would give him the chance to show her. This fantasy isn’t filled with huge gestures; it just involves the two sitting on the sofa talking, eventually moving to second base, all with the intention that they “could have the time of [their] lives.” It’s refreshing to hear an inner monologue express simple representations of happiness.

ransom is a pop artist from Louisiana now located in Los Angeles, CA. Capturing listeners with his smooth and delicate vocals, this young artist breathes life into his acoustic pop tunes.

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