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Rat City Smash with New Single ‘Kind of Love’ [VIDEO]

Norwegian audio/visual outfit Rat City is a collective of artists across the spectrum with one main goal in mind – to create lasting tunes and visuals that stand the test of time.  Originally started by brothers Kent and Cato Sundberg, Lasse Michelsen joined in 2018 and more  recently, animator/designer Micah Monkey signed on as creative director.  While Kent, Cato and Lasse are the groups mainstays, there is an ever revolving cast of creators that work with the group helping to develop their incredibly dynamic sound and appeal.

Delivered with an animated video thanks to creative director Micah Monkey, the visuals are just as epic as the tune itself.  Micah, fresh off of directing Eric Clapton’s, “White Christmas”, claymation video creates an animated world to depict the ultimate dysfunctional relationship.  While the visuals and lyrics may be full of dysfunction, the songs itself plays as an anthem of hope and security.

If this is your first taste of Rat City (like it was mine) prepare to be hooked.  Try not to scream the hook too loud – some people just might not get it.

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