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Recent RockDafuqOut Favs (0001): Discover New Music

Anyone who pays any attention to new artists should have no doubt that there has been an incredible flow of releases as of late. From brand new artists to household names and artists who are finally getting the much deserved attention they have been patiently waiting for; one thing is for certain, this has been a great summer for music so far.

If you care about discovering new music as much as we do, keep scrolling and dig into some of our recent favorites - we promise we won't let you down!

Lauren Frihauf x Ben Suyat - Morrison

Giving us more of a taste of what we can expect from her collaborative project with Ben Suyat, NPR Tiny Desk legend Lauren Frihauf has recently released a new offering, "Morrison", and it is an outright jam. The incredibly funky new tune is highly refined and displays a polish that only comes along with years of practice and experience and allows both Frihauf's songwriting and vocals to shine, while Suyat puts his musicianship on full display. With plenty of groove and emotion on this one, it fires on all cylinders and makes sure it holds on from beginning to end.

Rightfield x JordPurp - Boys Don't Cry

Serving as the third single from their upcoming sophomore album, Rightfield's latest offering, "Boy's Don't Cry", is a gritty, genre-bending anthem that brings a high energy feel that is hard to shake. Having built a buzz from the ground up, Rightfield continues to turn heads with each new release, this time bringing in rising star JordyPurp to drop a verse of his own. About the release Rightfield says, "'Boys Don’t Cry' is about us growing up in the south around a certain type of show no emotion hyper-masculinity where we had to be everything our dads wanted us to be. When I was nine I broke two of my fingers at school but we had a baseball tournament the next day and my dad was the coach so he asked me if I was good to still play the tournament and of course, I said yes instead of getting my fingers fixed. To this day I don’t have use of one of my fingers because I thought the right thing to do was “rub in the dirt” and move on."

kill k3nny - WHO IS KENNY

For Cole Redding, his new solo project kill k3nny is as much as reawakening, a fresh-start and a new chapter as it is an outlet for him to create art. Given the name Kenny at birth, the first chapter of his life was anything but easy. Struggling with his sexuality, substance abuse and having a hard time finding his self-worth for a majority of his life, it was the decision to change his name, face his fears and start fresh that has lead to this new project, and from what we gather, a new lease on life. Recently, kill k3nny released, "WHO IS KENNY", and it is an angsty, upbeat bop that you can't help but sing along to. About the single he says, "About 6 months ago I woke up to a voice memo of this song .. it came to me in a dream. In a stroke of magic it brought my whole life into focus in one day. I realized I should probably give my 16 yo self a hug rather than discard of him the rest of my life."

Meg Smith - Fuck Friday

New York-based young gun Meg Smith has been making major waves since launching her solo project just a couple of short years ago. Since then she has amassed an impressive following and catalog, slowly but surely landing on the radar of tastemakers far and wide. Most recently, she released her new single, "Fuck Friday", and it is an absolute anthem. With an undying energy, ripping guitars and slamming drums set the tone while Meg Smith delivers a dynamic, captivating performance. A bit emo, quite commercial and totally jamming, this new single from the buzzing singer/songwriter is more than enough to get you paying attention. Make sure you do just that!

Rosie Darling - Golden Age

Since Rosie Darling first landed on our radar with her song, "Coping", back in 2020, we have been hanging on to every note. Since then, she she has continued to hone her sound and deliver a steady-stream of releases which have understandably caught the attention of music lovers around the world. Boston-born, LA-based, Rosie Darling has raked in millions of streams to date and has secured a devoted, engaged fanbase who just can't seem to get enough. With the release of her new EP, "Golden Age", looming (August 12th), Rosie Darling has given fans a little taste, recently dropping the projects title-track to much acclaim. While it has been exciting to see how far she has come since we first discovered her, there is no doubt in our minds that her star will only continue to shine brighter. Make sure you remember to check out the EP when it drops in just a few days. You won't be disappointed!

Morgan Clae - Wilder Things

While I tend to keep my personal emotions under wraps most of the time, every once in a while a song will land in my inbox that turns me into an absolute mush. As a real sucker for words, and a closet emotional mess, sometimes it takes a song like Morgan Clae's new single, "Wilder Things", to help me realize sometimes you just have to let it out. While this was the first song I've hear from Morgan Clae, it only took about 10 seconds to have be completely hooked. Aside from her stunning vocals and emotive production, each word on her latest tune cuts deep. About the single she says, "I’ve come out to my closest friends as pansexual over the past few months. This Pride Month, I’m now coming out to the world. WILDER THINGS is my coming out story & how I’m claiming my authentic identity. There’s so much shit in the world that is terrible, so anyone freaking out over someone’s sexual/gender identity is just stupid. WILDER THINGS is an anthem for everyone struggling to live authentically, but especially for the non-straights who grew up Christian."

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