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Recent RockDafuqOut Favs (0003): Discover New Music

Another day, another batch of JAMS. Continuing on our quest to share some of the best, overlooked, underrated talent around the world, we are back once again with part 0003 of our new music discovery series. With hundreds of new releases sent our way each week from ultra-talented artists that you have most likely never heard of, we do the digging and hand-select the best of the best to share with you. If you are a music lover, make sure you keep it locked and hopefully you will find some new artists and jams to stan over.

While it doesn't happen very often, every now and then a new artist will come onto my radar and stop me dead in my tracks... Hazlett is one of those artists. Initially from Brisbane, his first successes in the music industry kept him out of the spotlight, ghostwriting for others and playing in the rhythm section of various projects while he honing his skills, slowly but surely making the industry take notice. It wasn't until he moved from Australia to Stockholm that he stepped out from behind the scenes and began to shine. Since then, he has continued to build his catalog with a steady stream of releases that have undoubtedly helped to secure a die hard audience around the world while also landing him support from tastemakers like NME, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, Atwood and Music Feeds. Now prepped to release his highly-anticipated debut album, "Oh Downhill", on September 23rd, Hazlett has recently unveiled the projects 4th single, "Everybody Hates Me", and it helps to further prove that he is in fact an artist to watch. From his pristine vocals to the tunes slick arrangement, his latest offering is an anthemic tune that touches the heart. About the tune he says, "the past couple of years has made us so unsustainably connected and online, I felt like I was losing myself in it. I became hyper aware if people were behaving remotely different and the constant solitude turned these thoughts into thinking that nobody liked me. It became a moment on the record to get things off my chest, not necessarily to solve anything but to at least leave it out to dry.

Kayla Grace - nobody loves me

While Kayla Grace only officially launched her solo project last year, it hasn't taken her very long to make some major waves. Praised by BBC Introducing and Clash, Kayla Grace seems to be bringing something to the table that is all her own, cutting through the clutter from the jump and making the world take notice. Having recently released her second single, "nobody loves me", it didn't take long before I was hooked. After the first listen, I listened again, and I haven't stopped since. Upbeat rhythms and bubbling production, couple with angsty lyrics and Kayla's stellar vocals to create an energetic and angsty tune that will without a doubt get stuck in your head. While this may be the first I've heard from Kayla, I will be patiently waiting for more and keeping a close eye on her going forward. This tune will be in my playlists for some time coming - make sure you add it to yours. About the song she says, Nobody Loves Me is basically the embodiment of the intrusive thoughts I have from my unhealed inner child. I had a complicated childhood and found a lot of my needs were ignored so I always believed that everyone hated me. Things are better now ,but I think I dragged that cloud with me into teenage years/adulthood and can’t shake it off.

The UK has been coming in HOT lately! One of my other recent favorite finds comes from Leeds based indie troubadour Jake Whiskin. Released along with an announcement for his upcoming album, the projects debut single, "Drive You Home", is an intimate, delicate and enchanting tune that relies on a stripped down production and stunning vocals to make it hit extra hard. With nothing in the way to distract or clutter, the emotion portrayed in this one is undeniable. Further enhanced by Lizzie Reid's performance, both artists come together to perfectly compliment each other, turning this tune into an incredible duet that will have you feeling ready to cry for no reason at all. This one is a stunner and if it is any indication of what we can expect from the upcoming album, all I can say is I am here for it.

Lexie Carroll has been blowing my mind lately. Having only come onto my radar a few months ago with the release of her jam-packed, "when the sun comes up", EP, she has continued to keep her foot on the gas, with stunning release after stunning release. If her gorgeous, delicate, dynamic vocals aren't enough to get you hooked, her lyrics should should do the trick. With an incredible ability to pen tunes that connect, Lexie Carroll is without a doubt one of my favorite new songwriters and I just can't get enough. Her new tune, "fall for anything", is a moody, driving Indie Pop jam that blends the perfect amount of sass and sadness to create a song that will make you tap your foot and call your ex just to check in. About her latest offering she says, I wrote ‘fall for anything’ about being in a confusing relationship where you're not sure where you stand. When the other person isn't giving much back but is still kind of stringing you along, which can be quite frustrating!

Having been on site several times through the years, I always get a bit excited when I see a new release from Nashville's townsend in my inbox. Since I tend to be sucker for songwriting and words, I can always count on townsend to deliver tunes that touch me in one way or another. With a powerful voice to drive it all home and an ability to write songs that feel universal and completely personal at the same time, townsend has been incredibly consistent since my first introduction, continuing to impress me at every turn. Recently, he released his new single, "yours", and it is yet another stunner from townsend that I will be rocking for a while. About the song he says, "I wrote and produced this over the course of a few months while I was trying to get past someone. Obviously its never easy but it always hurts a little more when you have lots of good memories that replay in your head. It's more of an internal letter to them and how I'm making the decision to finally move on."

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