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Recent RockDafuqOut Favs (0004): Discover New Music

We are back once again with another batch of our recent RockDafuqOut Favs. Hand-picked and delivered in hopes that you will find new music/artists to stan over, our fourth installment features a few tracks that may just be some of the best of the year.

While we generally like to keep the site focused on up and coming artists, at the end of the day we are down to give some shine to any music that really hits us. While What So Not may have already reached legendary status over the years, his new album, "Anomaly", is a seriously impressive body of work that we have had on blast as of late. The 11-track project features collaborations with the likes of Oliver Tree, Killer Mike, Louis The Child, Phi11a and more and sees What So Not risking it all to craft what I consider to be his best work to date. Crossing genres, breaking rules and curating a cohesive collection of jams that you can set and forget, "Anomaly", is without a doubt worth a listen. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

RDFO alumni clide can't miss. Over the last couple of years he has stunned us time and time again by landing in our inbox with some major heat. While it is hard not to get excited when we see a new clide tune come through, I can't say I was ready for this one. Usually, clide pulls at the heart strings with a lush, somber, melancholic vibe that we have grown to love, but this time around he has caught us completely off guard. His latest jam, "OOPS", is an upbeat, slightly angsty tune that relies on driving rhythms, catchy melodies and clide's memorable lyrics to hook you from the very beginning and have you holding on tight. About the single he says, "OOPS is a pretty poppy song with a little wink, that basically says fuck you to your EX, but in a more playful way and without having hard feelings. It’s easy to listen to, got some summer vibes and is definitely very hooky."

This recent single from JAWNY has been on absolute blast in my headphones. Energetic and upbeat with playful lyrics and incredibly catchy melodies, this tune is only made better by its chaotic and exuberant music video. With a guitar driven production and JAWNY's gritty and lively vocals leading the way, "Strawberry Chainsaw" is a pumping and dynamic jam that brings a ton of indie flare along with some major mass appeal. Yet another great release in what seems to be an endless stream, I have no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from JAWNY.

Ever since we covered Arden Jones' single, "Parallel Parking", that landed in our inbox last year we have been major fans. While we still have that tune on repeat more than a year later, since then, he has continued to release a number of tunes, cementing himself firmly as an artist to watch. With a swag all his own, there is an undeniable energy behind everything he drops and to be honest, it has been hella fun to watch him catch on the way he has; quickly becoming one of the most loved and fastest growing artists in the Pop world. His recent single, "Starstruck", should be all the proof you need to realize it's time to start keeping tabs. What I love about this one is that it just feels like Arden Jones. From the intro that sounds like it must just be audio from a video clip he shot on his phone, to the catchy hooks, angsty harmonies and unmatched flows, it is easy to hear that whatever he gets down through the mic is coming straight from the soul.

Since featuring his debut single on site, we have been keeping a close eye on Copenhagen producer Caius. Carving carved a lane of his own creating smooth, soulful and seductive jams, he has quickly racked up an impressive amount of streams and now sits over 170k monthly listeners on Spotify. This time around, he has taken on the Bobby Caldwell classic, "Darling Open Your Eyes", and released, "Lonely Place", delivering a stunning revamp of the already timeless tune. With a nice Nu-Disco feel, live bass, driving drums and a slow-burning groove, Caius has more than done justice on this one.

Holding his place and the most listened to Brazilian artist around the world, Alok has more than proven himself as a superstar at this point. From his energetic sets to his dance floor devastating productions, Alok is pretty much a household name in the dance world, and for good reason. While his A-list status would usually make me shy away from writing a review on site, because let's face it, he's never going to read it, his recent single, "Always Feel Like", is well worth the share. Taking Rockwell's classic, "Somebody's Watching Me", and putting his signature Alok touch on it, "Always Feel Like", is a dark and gritty track that instantly hooks you with the legendary vocals and then turns everything on its head. Don't get it twisted, this is an absolute bomb.

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