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Recording Artist LovexLies Confronts an Endless Cycle of Toxic Relationships in “Venom”

Joshua Golden aka pop artist LovexLies is back and perhaps more dynamic than ever with an all too relatable new track “Venom”. The buzzing young artist brilliantly captures a lyrical rawness through heart-on-sleeve storytelling as he continues his struggle with a cycle of toxic relationships. Complete with hard hitting vocals fit for the mainstream, LovexLies presents infectious synths and soaring electric guitar, creating a soundtrack for a storyline that doesn’t seem to end. Produced by the notable IAmCharlieAnderson, “Venom” expresses Golden’s frustrations with love and how he can’t seem to get away from endless run-ins with toxicity, even when things seem to be moving in the right direction. He describes his experience like it’s a ‘venom’ that takes hold of him every time he tries to make love work. And he may think that it’s the girls that he needs to watch out for, but at the end of the day, his greatest battle is the one against himself.

“It’s something bout the way you, Bite me till I feel numb / I can feel your venom, flow through my veins” ~ Venom

About IAmCharlieAnderson: IAmCharlieAnderson has multiple major label releases under his belt; from being a key writer on Kevin Rudolf's freshman Album "In The City" with the record "Livin It Up", to landing a #3 on the Dance Billboard Charts to also write on Paris Hilton's record "High Off My Love". Charlie was the touring Drummer for Cash Money Records and Kevin Rudolf from 2008-2012. While touring with Cash Money Records and Kevin Rudolf he played multiple sold out shows all over the world and performed on some of the biggest TV shows, including MTV New Years, the Miss USA Pageant, NBA All Star Jam, Dancing With The Stars and Jimmy Kimmel Show to name a few.

About LovexLies: LovexLies (pronounced Love & Lies) is a New York native, currently based in Virginia Beach. Influenced by a combination of 2000’s Alternative rock, rap and pop, LovexLies intentionally channels a variety of genres to tell his stories. Coming from an artist management background, Golden brings a well rounded perspective of the industry to the table. After almost a decade of management he realized that the business side of music wasn’t for him and that his passion is better suited for creation and performance. Not just creation for the sake of creating, but to put out genuine content that’s true to his mission – to transcend the role of music broadcast as just another source of entertainment. Having dealt with love, loss and lies several times, Golden wants people to know they aren’t alone and that by listening to his music, they are getting a look into the mind of someone who has been through a lot of relatable struggles. Above all, his hope is that by putting his true self out there, he might help people see that even though we have our own struggles we aren’t all that different.

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