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Recording Artist, Producer & Engineer Prophete Greets the Summertime with “Prophete On Top”

It’s officially June! And multi-talented recording artist Daniel Prophete aka ‘Prophete’ is here to greet the summertime with his upbeat hit “Prophete On Top”. A song meant to get you in the mood, “Prophete On Top” delivers tropical dancehall vibes perfect for any beachfront party. Originally raised in Haiti, Prophete was always surrounded by a variety of genres and artists like Nat King Cole, The Platters, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and most of the heavy hitters in the American Music Industry. Now, he puts his own twist on a culmination of musical influences, getting listeners out of their chair and onto the dance floor from the very start. Set in Los Angeles, the official music video to “Prophete On Top” gives off a carefree yet flirty vibe, as we witness the young artist swoon over a beautiful young woman and later, inviting her to join him at a hillside house party.

Prophete launched his musical career as a guitarist in 2010 before making the decision to fully pursue his path in 2016. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Music Business/performance from Umass Lowell in 2016 and later, became an alum of the world-renowned Berklee College of Music where he graduated with his Masters in Music Production, Technology and Innovation. As a multimedia artist, Prophete aims to bring the world joy through his records. “Prophete On Top” succeeds his original hit “Dance It” as well as his highly acclaimed “Full Time Dream” EP in 2020. Now, ready to make his mark once again, Prophete introduces the lighthearted party track that everybody’s been craving after a very dark couple of years.

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