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REMINISCE On Summer with Aaron Taos new Indie/Pop Single- Summer’s Gone

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday right around the corner, Fall is in full effect, but have no fear!!!! Brooklyn based Indie artist Aaron Taos and collaborator Alice Grey have what you need, during this time of seasonal despair! Aaron’s new single ‘Summer’s Gone‘, brings back the summer vibes, something fierce. The song is a nod to summer love and not wanting to watch the feelings & fun fade into the shadows, with the sunset. A reflection on a warm and free summer romance, ‘Summer’s Gone‘ is a poetic reminder of the carefree but deep feeling that comes with a seasonal fling, and the struggle of missing that partner, as the relationship dwindles to the reality of duller seasonal lifestyles. All the Fall activities, can’t bring back that feeling of love and fun, that Aaron effortlessly portrays through his lyrics in ‘Summer’s Gone‘.

The Indie/Pop genre has been heavily reliant on electronic music tones, as of late, and Aaron Taos’ newest single is no exception. The track offers a fun Indie melody rooted with a driving synthy bass line, paired with a chorus–filled electric guitar riff, over beautiful lofty vocals from both Aaron and Alice. Catchy lyrics both tell the story of the summer romance, gone too soon, and prove to be quite easily sung–along to.

If you’re not feelin the turkey or the onslaught of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ , seemingly, everywhere you go… this is the jam for you, right now! Check out the fun video, here!

Listen to More Music from Aaron Taos, here:

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