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Ren Farren Can’t Be Your Good Girl

LA based Ren Farren recently released her latest tune, “Good Girl“, and I’ve been shamelessly rocking it ever since.

Coming through with a polished Pop sound on top of an Indie Rock leaning production, both genres find a perfect balance in this one.  Smart, relatable, playful lyrics are delivered through catchy and memorable vocal melodies, which to me make the song stand out more than anything else.

Unfolding within the tune is pretty much a break up anthem.  Young and in love, Ren Farren comes to the realization that she can no longer be the good girl that he may want.  Done with being controlled, lied to and manipulated, she decides that it is time to be who she wants – and do what she wants.  All she wants now is a, “Bad Boy with a heart of gold.

Production wise, rhythm guitars, bass and drums are really all that are needed here.  Throw in some minor electronic elements (pads, synth leads, etc.) and the end result is a well crafted track that works as it should along with the vocals.

Overall this is a really well written song with a solid vocal performance and a perfectly supportive production.  I dig it.

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